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About TaqBin Malaysia

Yamato Transport (M) Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary company of Yamato group that provides One-stop logistic solution services in Malaysia. Our services comprises of air, land and sea freight forwarding, warehousing, distributions, TA-Q-BIN courier services, TA-Q-BIN Cash on Delivery solutions and international removal services. With years of experience in the logistic industry, we believe that we can become one of the best solutions providers in distribution and lifestyle support.

The Yamato Group Precepts was established in 1931 incorporate a variety of worthy lessons of value, both now and in the future. We regard these Company Precepts as the spirit that launched the company and will continue to pass on the vision and qualities of our predecessors that formed the premise of the Yamato Group. We ‘all’ represent the company; We deliver with a personal touch; We work with gratitude and politeness

Our Management Philosophy expresses the business objectives of the Yamato Group and the direction toward which we are working. The Yamato Group helps enrich our society by enhancing the social infrastructure of TA-Q-BIN networks, creating more convenient services for comfortable lifestyles, and developing an innovative logistics system.

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